Empty screen throws a 500 Internal Server Error


When the selected project has an empty screen, the report ends up in a 500 Internal Server Error.


at com.eis.jira.plugins.jiradoc.beans.GlobalAction.initScreen(GlobalAction.java:99) [?:?]
at com.eis.jira.plugins.jiradoc.beans.ProjectRepresentation.getGlobalActions(ProjectRepresentation.java:257) [?:?]
at com.eis.jira.plugins.jiradoc.beans.ProjectRepresentation.<init>(ProjectRepresentation.java:69) [?:?]
at com.eis.jira.plugins.jiradoc.JiradocServlet.doPost(JiradocServlet.java:147) [?:?]
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:660) [servlet-api.jar:?]


This error was caused due to a bug on Smart Project Config & Documentation versions prior to 2.0.6.

All of the following conditions must be met to reproduce the error:

  • The selected project has an empty screen (create, edit, view)




Upgrade Smart Project Config & Documentation to version 2.0.6 or higher